Causes of Cat Weight Loss. Anxiety, stress, or depression. Cats under psychological stress may go off their food, which can result in weight loss. Situations that may upset your cat include excessive noise, other animals in the feeding area, dirty food dishes, or proximity of the food dish to the litter box. Cancer.

Reason your pet is losing weight

Joint stress and destruction that can cause painful youll also discover how to develop a winning weight loss strategy with our Fat Cats or Fat Dogs Low Weight loss can be further split into polyphagic which means progressive decrease in body weight in the presence of an increased appetite.

Hyperthyroidism is a common cause of polyphagic weight loss, particularly in cats over eight years of age. Diagnostic Tests for Weight Loss in Cats. Confirmation of weight loss is necessary. A review of the cats former body weight(s) is essential.

cats weight loss causes

Once weight loss has been documented, a thorough history and physical examination, in addition to appropriate diagnostic tests are indicated to determine a cause of the weight loss. Check out this list from Animal Planet and learn the top 5 reasons your cat might be losing weight. x weight is for cats due to for feline weight loss Case 1 Senior cat with increased appetite and weight loss.

Causes of Unexplained Weight Loss in Cats -

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cats weight loss causes


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How would you manage this case? Twelve Warning Signs of Cancer in Cats.

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Diabetes mellitus: Diabetes causes cats to drink more (frequently a lot more! ), urinate more and eat more, but they lose weight despite their great appetite. What is unexplained or unintentional weight loss, what are some of the causes, and when should you be worried? Why is this so important?

(disregarding that their record showed his concerning weight loss, this cat They is no need to do the biopsy cause you Feline weight loss, when unplanned, is something to be concerned about at any age.

Unfortunately, a cat losing weight is often a sick cat, and this key cat illness symptom is easy for many pet parents to miss.

cats weight loss causes